Saxon Court Residences

1440 Church Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Saxon Court Residences had been experiencing water infiltration through the roof membrane into occupied space. There are approximately ten different roof areas at the property, and a 2013 roof sampling survey revealed moisture present in the roofing insulation installed on many of these roofs. The property engaged a contractor to perform both repairs and entire system replacement depending upon the level of deterioration of the roof location. Our office provided quality assurance services throughout the project. Repairs included coating application, flashing repairs or replacement, repairs to pitch pocket and other sealant details, and patching open seams in the roofing material.   The replacement roof system installed was a hot rubberized asphalt membrane on the concrete roof deck, with embedded reinforcing sheet, granular-faced, modified bitumen sheet flashing installed at vertical and horizontal transitions, and neoprene flashings at curbs and penetrations. New insulation was installed and concrete pavers replaced. Another roof area was replaced with 2-ply modified bitumen sheet membrane with tapered insulation over wood framing.

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