Our Approach

We visit your building to evaluate the problem on site and in person. If necessary, we perform testing to better understand the systems in place that could be contributing to the problem. We then prepare a report of our specific findings and recommendations for repair or remediation.

Upon approval of the recommendations outlined in our investigation, we proceed with designing the remediation work, customized to the Owner's priorities and budgetary requirements. The design specifications typically include general conditions, bid form, summary of work, technical sections, and AutoCAD detail drawings. We also work with Management/Ownership to develop a list of pre-qualified local contractors to bid the project.

Once the design and list of contractors is approved, we host a pre-bid meeting with the contractors at the project site. This provides an opportunity for the contractors to see the project, ask questions, and get an overall sense of what will be required. Contractors submit their bids to us, and we compile them into a bid tabulation sheet for easy comparison. We then meet with you to discuss the bid results, and make recommendations on the selection of a contractor.

As soon as a Contractor is selected, we prepare an AIA A107 2007 Agreement Form (an industry standard agreement form between Owner and Contractor) or assist in the preparation of the Owner's proprietary contract documents. In addition, we coordinate a pre-construction meeting to review the project requirements with the selected contractor and Management/Ownership prior to commencement of the work.

Once the work begins, our engineers begin their quality assurance program. This includes at a minimum: daily or weekly site visits, as required; preparation and issuance of field reports with photos documenting the work performed and any observed deficiencies; communication and correspondence with the Contractor and the client regarding the work; and coordination of weekly or bi-weekly progress meetings. In addition, we review the Contractor's invoices and Change Order requests, track allowance quantities, and monitor the work on site.

As consulting engineers, we specialize in structural and building envelope assessment and design for commercial real estate and multi-family apartment buildings and condominiums. We do not provide the below services for single-family residences.
  • Leak Investigations
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Building Envelope Consulting
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Terrace, balcony, and patio investigation, design, bidding, and quality assurance
  • Waterproofing system review, design, and quality assurance
  • Rooftop Anchor Design and Analysis for Window Washing and Safety Lines
  • Ground and building settlement issues
  • Expert Witness Services in Legal Cases
  • Peer Review